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Useful Laptop Hacks to make your system more efficient

   September 26, 2018

Everyone prefers to use Laptops these days since you can carry around where ever you go and use them whenever necessary. Along with that come many issues with the laptops which make them less efficient. Here are few issues related to laptops which you come across while using it.

1. One of the common threats is the overheating which can cause hardware failure and its performance. Main reason is caused when the fan is constantly running at maximum, this results in reduced performance. Other reasons are dust blocking intake grills or exhaust ports, a clogged up fan, or degenerated thermal grease between the heat sink and the CPU.

To cool the laptop you need to fix the internal cooling :-

The most important thing to cool of the overheating laptop is to clean the fans which provide cooling to the CPU and graphic card. As time goes on the dust gets build up layers and slow down block the airflow. Check with your laptops manual and check how you can open the laptop to clean its parts.

Follow these steps before you start cleaning:

  • i) Shut down
  • ii) Remove the battery
  • iii) Unplug power strip.

Use a cotton swab dipped in a drop of alcohol. Before reconnecting the laptop to power make sure the alcohol is completely evaporated. A vaccum cleaner could also be used to remove the dust and dirt that clogs up the fan. Just note that the fan doesn’t rotate in wrong direction while using vaccum. Next you have to clean the exhaust port by sucking out air with vaccum cleaner seen normally on side of the laptop. It’s the opening that blows out hot air. Next you can apply fresh thermal grease to the interface between the CPU and its heat sink. Again, please consult the laptop’s manual or manufacturer to obtain instructions on how to disassemble these components.

2. Yet another annoying problem faced by users is when the keyboard stops functioning. Normally these can be sorted out easily. Here are few ways to sort it off.

Restart your laptop:

Rebooting the system is the easiest way to sort out the issues. To restart we can do it from the Start main menu via a Mouse connecting to the laptop or just use the power button on the laptop to shut down and to reboot.

Remove the Battery:

If rebooting doesn’t work try doing the following steps.

  • a) Press on the power button for a few second to shut down your laptop.
  • b) Remove battery from laptop.
  • c) After sometime reboot the system with directly connecting the power cod.
  • d) Type on the keyboard and see if it would work.
Update Keyboard Drive:

Even after doing the previous two ways if the keyboard doesn’t work then it will be due to the driver, updating the keyboard drive will solve the problem. If you choose to update the drive it’s better to choose the automatic updating method rather than manually. To do it automatically we advise you to choose Drive Easy. It will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers to it since you don’t want to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver and make mistake when installing.

3. Do not panic when your mouse pad or touch pad on your laptop stops working. This could another irritating kind of issue but can be solved. Let’s follow some ways to fix the problem.

Enable the Mouse pad:

The touch pad can accidently get disabled and unable to use it. To re-enable the touch pad to normal follow the steps:

  • a) Press Windows logo key + R on keyboard simultaneously to open a Run dialogue type “Control” and hit Enter. This will open control Panel.
  • b) Control Panel (view it in Large Icons) >> All control panel >> Mouse
  • c) Mouse >> Properties window >> last tab(ELAN) >> Enable Device . By doing this the touchpad is supposed to be re-enabled. Now check the touch pad and confirm it works.
Even after doing this if the touch pad doesn’t work next you got to update the driver.

One of the most dependable ways is to use Driver Easy; it automatically recognizes the system and finds the correct drivers to it.

You can download and install your drivers by using either Free or Proversion of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes only 2 clicks (and you get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee): Driver Easy will help you to detect if there is any problems with drivers.

Click Update button and see if touch pad works.

If you have tried these methods and still the mouse pad is not working, then the device is supposed to be defective. Then do not worry about this. Do not hesitate to visit our store for Laptop service center in Calicut. We have well trained servicing