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With the accomplishment of its electronic gadget business, Samsung has been perceived universally as an industry pioneer in innovation and now positions in the top 10 global brand.

We have a specialized service for repairing your water logged Samsung phone, with a 90 percentage rate of success rare at bringing it back to working condition. If your phone doesn't power ON, doesn't charging, turns to restarting or has issues charging or holding battery backup. You most likely to have a power section issues. We?ll check your Samsung mother board and the battery section and get it back to optimum use. If the LCD has received an impact it will be crack and bleed leaving your valuable Samsung unusable. A replacement Samsung phone LCD panel will put the phone back in working order. Is your Samsung battery draining too fast or not backing up battery charge? Try to reboot it first. You can also adjust several settings to extend the battery life of your Samsung phone. Still its not working? Bring the phone to our service center. We will trouble shoot the problem or replace with a brand new original battery , network searching problem, and all complaints of your Samsung Smartphone , Sizcom will fix for your device.

Samsung Laptops Sales & Service

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Sizcom is one of the no.1 Samsung Laptop service center Calicut. We started fixing the Samsung Laptop when it was launched in 2009 and we have been gaining technical expertise to fix the Samsung Laptop over this period. We are the on of the top quality repair centers in calicut to provide mother board chiplevel repaires for your Samsung laptops. Sizcom has well qualified and experienced certified technicians. Company deals with major Models of Samsung Laptops. Sizcom Samsung Laptop service center calicut will work with you to optimize your Samsung Laptop's relaibility. Sizcom Samsung Laptop service center calicut Samsung Laptop services include Mother Board chiplevel service, LCD screen replacement, battery replacement, Keyboard Servicing, Operating systems, fullbackpanel replacement, Software and antivirus installation, and also all other services regarding Samsung laptops in the electronic section.

Latest Samsung Products

  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy note 5
  • Galaxy Grand Prime
  • Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Laptop-ATIV Book 9
  • Samsung Laptop-ATIV Book 9 Plus
  • Samsung Chromebook 2

Our Samsung Service Includes..

  • Mother board or chiplevel service
  • LCD Screen replacement
  • Battery servicing
  • Operating Systems
  • Softwares or Applications
  • Data recovery
  • Samsung Accessories