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Two ASUS notebooks were chosen by R&K—a noteworthy supplier of PCs and electronic gadgets for aeronautic missions to space—to give space travelers trustworthy computations throughout their mission on the MIR Space Station. The two notebooks experienced zero deformities all through the 600-day time frame.The ASUS notebooks never gets overheated during use like gadgets made by some other companies, said Sergei Avdeev, the Russian space explorer on the space mission. Thermal flow in space and on Earth is totally a variety. Notebooks with the best solutions for heat dissipation can only survive during the continuous operation. We often turn on the notebooks in the morning and is left the same throughout the day without any problem.

Sizcom Asus Laptop service center Calicut provide professional Asus services in Calicut. we started fixing Asus when it was launched in 2007 and we have been gaining technical expertise to fix the ipad over this period. We are also one of the best Asus repair service center in Calicut to provide chiplevel repaires for your Asus Phones. We use original spare parts in our Asus Smartphone repaires . You may find someone to fix your brocken device a little cheaper than us. but you can't be sure they use OEM parts. Do you want to install chiness copy parts in your device that might stop working after a month or two. Our professional and qualified experts offer the entire range of support starting with guidance in buying a laptop to suit you to installing softwares, accessorizing it and providing timely, guaranteed repairs whenever needed. If your Asus Laptop battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, this service is for you. Asus won?t hold a charge, Asus Laptop battery life is a lot shorter then it used to be.

Asus Smartphones Sales & Service


In order to accomplish the best possible results, ASUS stresses on teaching employees to “Think Through” the big picture, and focus on the fundamentals and results before execution. In short, they must find out the true Purpose behind any task, and to uncover the root cause behind issues, which will then allow them to do the right thing correctly the very first time. In order to accomplish this, employees must start with the Purpose of the task in mind, approach the situation “from the Customer's Point of View”, and take “Cost Effectiveness” into consideration while being open to “Alternatives” and acutely aware of “Side Effects”.

We have a specialized service for repairing your water logged Asus Smartphone, with a 90 percentage rate of success rare at bringing it back to working condition. If your phone doesn't power ON, doesn't charging, turns to restarting or has issues charging or holding battery backup. You most likely to have a power section issues. We? will check your Asus Phone mother board and the battery section and get it back to optimum use. If the LCD has received an impact it will be crack and bleed leaving your valuable Asus unusable. A replacement Asus LCD panel will put the phone back in working order. Is your Asus battery draining too fast or not backing up battery charge? Try to reboot it first. You can also adjust several settings to extend the battery life of your Asus. Still its not working? Bring the phone to our service center. We will trouble shoot the problem or replace with a brand new original battery , network searching problem, and all complaints of your Asus Phones , Sizcom calicut will fix for your device.

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Our Asus Service Includes..

  • Chiplevel Service
  • Battery Service
  • LCD Display
  • Operating System
  • Phone and Laptop Accessories
  • Applications or Softwares